The Why Behind My Winter Wonderland

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I’m just going to continue with this post as if I haven’t been dormant for six months. I now realize how Jesus must feel when we repent and then do the same sin all over again. Help us, Lord!

So the Christmas bug has hit the HOPEsaidit household. 🎄

I was determined this year to not say my usual, “Oh crap. It’s Christmastime already?” Nope. I was going to be breathing in holly and coughing up sugarplums. (Side note: I never made it through a Nutcracker ballet. I get a bout of chronic boredom when the fairies start prancing around. My doctor can vouch for me. 😏)

To ensure that I would get into the holiday mood, I told my husband Brandon that we were going to decorate the house this year. It took about three years to furnish all of the rooms in our home, which is still only 87 percent complete, so I’m sure he couldn’t believe his ears. 🙉

“What…you’re going to get a wreath or something?”

“No, wise guy. I’m getting a tree and everything.”

“Cool. But I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Gee…thanks for the vote of confidence, dearest. 😒

I was all in at that point. My 3-year-old son Jayden was around, and he so happened to hear what we were talking about. Later that day, he asked what Christmas was, I told him about the birth of Christ, and he said he was excited for Christmas Day.

“Mommy, can I help you decorate?” 😄

“Of course you can!”

Christmas cheer was already in the air.

That was in the middle of October. Now fast forward to the beginning of November. I took my son Jayden to the store with me, and we passed by the Christmas trees.

“Look, mommy! Lights!” ✨

“Yup! Those are Christmas lights.”

“Christmas lights?! Is that what you’re going to buy to decorate?”

“To decorate?”

“You said I can help you decorate for Christmas.”

Oh…my…goodness. If it’s one thing I can count on, it’s that Jayden will remember every single thing told to him. His memory is ridiculous. Sometimes it’s great; sometimes it drives you crazy. Either way, he definitely will hold you accountable. 🤔

“You’re still helping me decorate, but we’re not buying a tree today. We’ll buy it later.”

“Later this week?”

“No…later next week or something.” (A toddler doesn’t know how long a week is anyways, right? 🤓)

About a little over a week goes by, and we’re at the store again.

“Mommy, you said we’re buying the tree this week. You said that on Thursday. And yesterday was another Thursday.”

This was one of those times where I loved his school for keeping him sharp, but I hate that I can’t get away with anything anymore. LOL.

“Uhhh…yes. Yes, it is.”

“So, you’re not getting it? You said I could help you decorate.” *Insert the saddest legit puppy face known to man.* 😢

“Jay, look at me.”

*His bright eyes look up with a glimmer of hope.*

“This Christmas tree is not big or bright enough. You think we’re just having a tree? HA! Mommy’s making a winter wonderland!” ❄

“*Gasp* YEEEAAAHHHH!!!!!!”

As I heard those words coming out my mouth, I was thinking, “Hope, what the heck are you talking about? You kept stock photography in your picture frames for a good two years after moving in, but now you’re Mrs. Claus?”

Yes. Yes, I am. That’s Mizz Claus to you, inner voice. 🎅

I got to work and started searching for Winter Wonderland decoration ideas. Once I had the look in my mind, there was no stopping me.

During the week of Thanksgiving, Brandon and I went around to different stores to pick up a light post, Christmas tree, and mailbox (to mail letters to Santa Jesus…duh! 😜)

After a very long day, we got the ornaments, wreath, stockings, garland, mini sled, teddy bears, and gift wrapping paper too.

The grand finale was a special gadget I found online that projects lights that look like snowflakes. I was #TeamTooExtra, and there was no turning back. 💯

It was a tiring process of making my ideas come into fruition and setting everything up; but in the end, the smile on Jayden’s (and big kid Brandon’s) face was worth it.

“You did a great job, babe.”

“Wow, mommy! I love Christmas. Can I write a letter to Jesus tomorrow?”

Mission accomplished. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night. 😎

 Music: Winter Wonderland by Pentatonix



  • Grace
    December 17, 2017

    Hahaaa! Absolutely love it! Such a cute story. Jayden is something else…
    That’s what you get for being a “”tall-tales expert”–a son who can spot bull a mile away. #AccountabilityPartners

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