When’s Baby Number Two?

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Attention BabyThe moment I told people that Jayden could walk, the response I received always hinted at having another kid. 😯

“You know that means he’s making way for the next child, right?”

“He’s just letting you guys know that he’s ready for a sibling.”

“Now that he can walk, you need another crawler.”

… as if these people are the ones who will be paying for this second baby’s expenses. 🙄

It’s hard to decide when the best time for another baby is. Let’s weigh the pros and cons, shall we?

Scenario #1: Too Far Apart

Have you ever taken a long vacation and got back to work thinking that you need to be re-trained in some of your skills? You’re a little rusty and dusty in the beginning. That’s what I’d imagine having a child several years after the first one is like. 😕

You’re done with the constant feedings, long nights, and dirty diapers, and then you find out you have to go back into the trenches. How dreadful…

Things won’t be as well-oiled as they used to be. You’ll bend down into the crib thinking, “Was it always this low?” You’ll pick up a child asking yourself, “Are kids always this heavy? Did I just pinch a nerve in my shoulder?” 😐

And then there are those awkward moments in the first child’s life when they get asked how old their brother/sister is, and they say an age that is young enough to be their child. I knew a girl in her 20s who had a newborn sister. Chiiiiiiild…. but that’s none of my business.

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