Trying to Catch Up With Life

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I’m chasing life right now. No, not that Eat, Pray, Love “finding yourself” mess. I mean I’m literally trying to catch up with life because it is moving way too fast, and I’m barely keeping up.

When was my last blog post? Back in March? My goodness. That’s what having an active little boy to take care of will do to ya!

Lil Superman

“I can be your Superman…”

You guys miss him? Here’s his wanna-be grown self. You would get to see more of him if you followed me on Twitter. *hint hint* 😉

My life’s been so hectic that I’ve actually had to cut out some things.

I no longer watch every reality show you can name (proving that God is still in the miracle-working business), I don’t keep in contact with those “sometime-y” friends (life is too short), and I have to plan EVERYTHING.

My life is planned out by the hour. So now I can actually say that I have to “pencil somebody in.” I mean… I use that term anyways, but now it has purpose. 😛

Unfortunately, what I haven’t carved out time for is running…. until now! It’s a bit unconventional, but somewhere between my drive home from work and cooking dinner, I can make something happen. No, I WILL make it happen.

You make time for things that matter most to you, so I’m going to start prioritizing exercise again. Besides, I don’t want to end up on a late-night infomercial pleading to Shaun T about getting me fit again because the weight “crept up.” 😥 <—- not gonna be me!

So yes, life has been good. Busy.. but good. And I WILL be doing a video this month on how I stretch my relaxer. (I only relax/texlax once a year).

Talk to you soon! 😀


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