Transparency Will Set You Free

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I haven’t written in a year… talk about hiatus! I finally figured out what my problem is. When life happens and the going gets tough, I tend to buckle down and “get ‘er done,” and at no time do I think of documenting it. (I’ll do better…)

So my year at a glance: I still work at the same place, I started professional development, and I had a baby back in February. Yup! You read that right. I’m now a mother of two lovely sons.

I haven’t been talking much, but I certainly have been keeping up with the lives of others on the low.

*Sigh* I admit it. I’m a social media lurker.

All the engagements, pregnancies, boyfriend brags, and comments that were fishing for complimentschances are I’ve seen them. And I may not have even left a “like” or “favorite” on it. (Sorry! )

I don’t mind all the pictures every hour of your kids. I don’t mind the thirsty selfies. Well, actually I do…we know what you look like. You don’t have to front and say, “Good morning, lovelies” just because you caught some natural light and you’re feeling yourself. Just be honest.

And really, that’s what is so annoying about social media.

People feel like they have to live some fake perfect life to front for “friends.” (Do you really have 300+ of them? )

Everything is so… happy. Not that I don’t like happy. I like to celebrate successes ; it’s just that everything feels so… fake sometimes. A study even shows that Facebook can cause problems in relationships and an increase in jealousy.

That’s probably because it seems like everyone is trying to put their best foot forward and telling only half of the story.

For example: I have had a good number of people on my timeline make huge engagement announcements , but I haven’t exactly seen any wedding pictures.In fact, on further inspection, all traces of said engagement have vanished.

How come there was no word about the realness of the breakup? Not immediately, of course, we all need time to heal; but years later, we’re just going to act like nothing happened? Not even a cryptic “this too shall pass” message?

Maybe I’m asking for too much, but I just feel like there is strength in a tad bit of vulnerability.

I was TOO happy when I landed my current position because it was a blessing , and I literally felt called to be here. But it certainly wasn’t my first interview. In fact, I even wrote about going on one of the interviews while five months pregnant with my first child. (Spoiler alert: I didn’t get that one. )

Yes, it sucked. But it was real. And I feel like that transparency somehow helped people to realize that even though it may be rough now, it gets better.

So yes, share the good news. But don’t act like your life is perfect. What verse got you through a rough day? Are you just not feeling it today? And “why come” you have a new man/girl every other day? LOL!

I’m done venting. I was just reminding the world (including myself) to be real because the truth will set you free.

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