Ringing in the New Year (with a Fresh Texlax)

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I came into the new year looking like .

Well actually… I came into the new year looking like “Oh crap! I think I just permanently messed up my hair.”

It’s a struggle trying to get to waist length hair. For me, there’s been a “stalling” period that your hair doesn’t want to pass. My hair is slowwwwwly creeping passed it though.

The problem this time around was that I was so excited that I was finally getting my hair done that I forgot the appropriate steps I take to properly texlax my hair. (I only do it once a year, so I’ll blame it on that.)

Steps I forgot to take:

  1. I didn’t slather my pre-texlaxed hair with grease.
  2. I didn’t totally base my scalp.
  3. My sister smoothed in the relaxer a little (which doesn’t usually happen).
  4. I didn’t use my protein conditioner right before using the neutralizing shampoo.

Bad Hair Day MemeI’m surprised I still have hair on my head. LOL.

The end result was “permy” hair that was literally shocked to be so straight. It looked and moved so weirdly and reminded me way too much of why I stopped relaxing my hair in the first place.

Some of the damage was permanentā€”parts of my hair got straighter than usual (although none of it is bone straight). However, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal… anymore.

I’m cool, calm, and collected now, but I sure did freak out and had to re-wash my hair with protein a week or so after I relaxed it (something I never do).

But through it all, I realized that it was a lesson in being completely prepared before a chemical process and knowing the importance of protein.

I’ll just call this God’s way of giving me a hair video idea. Video coming soon! (In the meantime, you can see pics of it on my Instagram.)

  • Patti Cook
    January 24, 2015

    The hair looks good!!

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