Hormones Changing My Hair Texture

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There aren’t too many perks to being pregnant (not the end result of pregnancy—the actual state of being pregnant). So when there is one, take it and run with it!

For me, I’ve discovered that my coils loosened up a bit—making my hair much more manageable. If you keep up with my hair videos, you know that’s a HUGE feat!

I washed my hair last weekend, and can you believe I was virtually tangle free? Even my blowdried hair was softer to the touch. Dear Lord, this may sound a bit vain, but could You please make my hair stay this way forever and ever? Amen. 😆

I think I have more hair growth too, but that took the back burner once I found out how cooperative my hair texture was getting.

So even though I can only wear 1/4 of my wardrobe right now, there is a bright side. Hopefully this good thing won’t come to an end. I don’t have time to detangle for hours, and I really hope this post-partum shedding business passes me by (from my mouth to God’s ears).

A little over two months to go until this pregnancy is over, so we shall surely see!

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