Can You Really Have It All?

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Healthy family life, successful career, and enriching spiritual life. Sounds like the perfect trifecta, but can it actually be achieved?

Well, once you get the answer, pass it along my way!

Work-Life Balance MemeBack in my “serial reality show watcher” days, I recall when Bethenny Frankel was first on The Real Housewives. She started as a “single and looking” entrepreneur on-the-rise. By the time she left the show to start her spin-off series, she was pregnant, engaged, and about to sign a multimillion-dollar business deal.

She said her farewell by saying something like, “I thought you couldn’t have it all, but now I know you can. You can have it all.”

Fast forward a couple of years and now she’s going through an ugly divorce and trying to juggle her booming business linesall while saving face for her daughter. (She never was really religious/spiritual.)

It’s not like I haven’t seen women who have “done it all” before, but I’ve mostly only seen it in people who work for themselves or have “settled” in their career.  (Are YOU settling? LOL..j/k)

Here’s the thing…

Family Life

  • Issue: My window is relatively short during the weekday to spend time with Jayden. Brandon brings him home, and we all have until his bedtime to hang together.
  • Compromise: Quality over quantity. Right when I get home, it’s Jayden time. We play and get reacquainted, and those hours are filled with the best random stuff. And on weekends, that’s quality family time galore.

Work Life

  • Issue: You have to work hard to get ahead, and specified “work hours” don’t exist. It’s not my nature to just shut down and stop working at 4:30 p.m. If there’s work to do, there’s work to do.
  • Compromise: Only worry about the important things. Prioritizing is key. I try really hard to not take work home with me. Does it work all the time? No, but it’s definitely not a habit.

Spiritual Life

  • Issue: The best time to meditate, pray, and read my Bible is early in the morning or late at night. The problem is I’m either too tired at those times, or I have other duties to tackle (like this blog post, for example).
  • Compromise: You make time for what you want to make time for. (Horrible grammar, but it’s true!) I may not have an hour, but I can find 15 minutes to do a daily devotional in the morning or evening. Driving in the car, I can turn the radio off and not answer phone calls to have my quiet time. Also, at work, I can crank my gospel music to put me in the right mindset. It may not be “traditional,” but it’s better than nothing.

Make Time QuoteFaith. Family. Friends (or whatever ‘f’ synonym there is for career)… and in that order.

So can I have it all? In my opinion, sure! But you can’t be 100% at everything all the time.

Sometimes, I’m great at family and spiritual life, but start getting backed up at work. Other times, I’m on top of it at work; but I’m coming home later or preparing dinner late.

It comes in waves, but I have to frequently take time to sit back and remember what’s really important.

Welcome to this juggling act I call life…

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