Another Year Wiser

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I could act like it hasn’t been months since I last wrote, but that would just be weird. So let me address the elephant in the room.

Yes, I’ve been on hiatus. No, I didn’t realize that it’s been so long. Yes, I’m doing fine. No, I still haven’t revealed what’s keeping me so busy. (I think I covered it all.)

It looks like I haven’t told you about Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and…. my birthday. My goodness. Well, I can’t turn back the hands of time, so let’s just talk about the most recent happenings.

Kevin Hart Birthday MemeMy birthday was on April 12.

It was a bit weird because it snuck up on me this year. As a teen and in my early 20s, I would have the ::clears throat:: COUNTDOWN TO THE MONTH OF HOPE! (Hope…Hope…Hope) Yes, echoes and all.

It was quite annoying actually. On March 12, I’d alert everyone that there was one month left. And then the countdown would turn weekly. God help us all during the week of.

I was never big on money pins, but I did just about everything but that on the sacred day of my birth. I would either have the day off from work, or go to work and let it be known that I shouldn’t have to put up with anything on my birthday. I know… I’m annoyed just thinking about myself.

Now? I have soooo many other things to think about, and time flies so quickly. I still can’t believe we’re a quarter of the way through 2016!

This time around, people had to come up to me saying, “It’s your birthday tomorrow!” I was like, “Oh man! It’s the 11th already? Geesh…”

And you know the crazy thing about it? When I didn’t make it about me, I received more love than I ever have.

I don’t know any other time that I received as many cards, gifts, texts, and well wishes. (Sure my Facebook comments went from 100 to 25, but I’ve cut down my friends list to only include people I would actually talk to in real life.) Either way, it was a good day.

So yeah… I’m a year older, and it feels lovely. I don’t feel any different or anything, but I can truly say that I am living a blessed life (not perfect…I said blessed).

Will I be doing more blog posts? That’s the goal! Last year, my New Year’s Resolution was to blog more. I actually did really good, but then I decided to add more on my plate, and fell off HARD.

I think I’m used to my new normal now, though. Also, I guess people actually read this blog because I’ve been asked too many times if I still write. (Thanks to everyone who reads HOPEsaidit. ‘Preciate ya!)

Anywho, that’s all. I was just letting you guys know that I’m alive, I had a birthday a few days ago, and apparently I’m a less annoying adult.

Stay tuned to be entertained by the randomness of my life such as The Adventures of Mommy and Jay and As the Plot Thickens

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