It’s a Boy!

That’s the news I received from my doctor. I have a healthy baby boy. And apparently a very active, healthy baby boy.

Looking at the sonogram, he was doing some kind of dance that looked like “the centipede”. After he was done busting a move, he started flexing his fingers and toes, and ended the sonogram doing flips and twirls. The technician spent most of the time chasing him around!

My husband and I are pretty happy, though. We both wanted a boy, and I can’t wait to see him.


On another note, who knew you grew a baby bump overnight once you approach the six-month mark? Geeesh. I can’t suck this sucker in if I tried. And at night, my stomach balloons up and gets rock hard, but it deflates again in the morning. The things they don’t tell you about pregnancy…

So far, I’m up about nine pounds, so we’ll see how third trimester goes. Luckily, my appetite hasn’t been raging. But if I ever do get really hungry, my only advice is to get out of my way and don’t touch my food. (Just ask my husband… haha!)

But all in all, it’s been a pretty good pregnancy (after the morning sickness subsided, of course). I can feel my little man kicking every few hours now, and I’m looking forward to the home stretch!

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